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Podiatrist Developed & Approved


Zoë Wilson

Podiatrist, Owner & Founder

Zoë Wilson is a Podiatrist based in the English Lake District in the UK. She began her journey into Podiatry when graduating from the University of Salford with a Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatry. Zoë always had a keen interest in Biomechanics & Podiatric Surgery and began her Theory of Podiatric Surgery Master's programme the year she graduated in Podiatry. Since then she has developed her interest in Podiatric Surgery by shadowing and working alongside some of the profession's leading Podiatrists and Podiatric Surgeons. She Began her Private practice in 2017 and has built up a vast clientele providing all levels of Podiatric care. 

"I love to offer every patient a solution that I am passionate about and foot care was certainly one of them! I decided to work with a leading skincare company to bring the Podiatric world a natural alternative to foot care with high quality, sustainable ingredients and packaging".




Where the Journey Began

Z.W. Foot & Ankle (Kendal)

Z.W. Foot & Ankle is a Podiatry Clinic in Kendal, The English Lake District. Z.W. Foot & Ankle offers a variety of services including routine podiatry, nail surgery, musculoskeletal assessment, custom orthoses, extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), steroid injection therapy and specialist footwear. The practice prides itself on patient centred care and passionate, forward thinking Podiatry. If you have a foot problem make sure you contact a HCPC Registered Podiatrist who is trained in management of all aspects of the foot and ankle and will make sure you put your best foot forward now and for the future. 

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